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What We Provide

A hometown pharmacy with world-class service


Olidia Pharmacy was founded on a basic premise: to provide the highest level of customer service possible while delivering the highest quality medicines and healthcare products to the facilities and residents we serve.


We understand the importance of positive clinical outcomes combined with reduced costs for the beneficiaries of our services. Exceeding your expectations is what we are all about.


At Olidia Pharmacy we are passionate about building solid relationships with the community members, staff, family of each long term care community that we serve.


At Olidia Pharmacy, we developed a stress-free solution to switch long-term care pharmacy partners.
Our process takes the burden off your team to make the transition seamless, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident. We come to your facility, works with your schedules, and establishes new protocols and processes that fit your individual and unique expectations.

Olidia Pharmacy

Planning the Switch

Before starting the planning process, we take time to understand your needs to determine the goals and priorities of your facility and patients.

11/12 2005

Data Transfer

A Client Service Specialist will organize facility information and demographics to determine facility needs and design an appropriate road map.
We contact and work with your staff and physicians to obtain resident orders, review drug regimens, and ensure all medications and records are completely in place and verified for your new resident.

9/26 2005

Team Training

The following training sessions must be completed before go-live: Olidia Policy and Procedure Training
Customer-specific protocol training
Emergency medication training
Infusion services training
EMAR and pharmacy portal training

11/12 2005


Olidia onboarding team works closely with your team during the onboarding time to ensure all systems and protocols are in place and running.
We manage the Coordination and implementation of Pre-admission and Delivery at Discharge programs and provide Additional training, if needed

12/9 2005

On-Going Support

Our team provides continuous after launch support with your team. This includes management support and weekly visits. A financial impact review is conducted at the end of the first month.

How We Work

What to expect

Here is what to expect when you contact Olidia Pharmacy to fill your prescription. Our process is designed to deliver the right medication for the right resident at the right time.
  • 01
    Order and Benefits

    Call, fax, or e-prescribe order.
    Coordination between pharmacy and billing to ensure medication coverage.

  • 02
    Best-fit and Protocol

    Script is double-checked for correct diagnosis, regimen, effectiveness, and cost-savings
    Packaging and dosage check with prescriber if needed

  • 03
    Prescription and order verification

    Prescription verification and accurate order fill. This includes a Second Clinical Verification

  • 04
    Quality Check

    Quality control checkpoint to ensure medication accuracy
    Label and manifest review. Product Delivery

  • 05
    Delivery and Ongoing support

    Safe Delivery to the patient.
    Continuous Support and Education


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Give us a chance to exceed your Expectations

Our foundation and chore values are honesty, integrity and reliability.

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