A Few Of Our History

Caring beyond prescriptions


As we work to develop a family-centered approach to pharmacy care, we are very sensitive to the ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds of our clients and caregivers.

We believe that it is the fundamental right of every human regardless of his or her social, cultural and religious background to pursue an optimum level of healthcare within the comfort of his residence.


  • 01

    Order and Benefits

    Call, fax, or e-prescribe order.
    Coordination between pharmacy and billing to ensure medication coverage.

  • 02

    Best-fit and Protocol

    Script is double-checked for correct diagnosis, regimen, effectiveness, and cost-savings
    Packaging and dosage check with prescriber if needed

  • 03

    Prescription and order verification

    Prescription verification and accurate order fill. This includes a Second Clinical Verification

  • 04

    Quality Check

    Quality control checkpoint to ensure medication accuracy
    Label and manifest review. Product Delivery

  • 05

    Delivery and Ongoing support

    Safe Delivery to the patient.
    Continuous Support and Education